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Shedding Some Light on Window Treatments: Q&A With Linda's Decors

Window treatments are a cost-effective way unify the look of your space, and to increase the value of your home. However, the prospect of finding and installing the right look can be daunting. We sat down with YourHomeForSale partner, Linda Woodard of Linda's Decors, to dispel some of the myths around window treatments, and to shed some light on why they are a great investment for your home. Read on to learn more about Linda, and understand why...


1. Every purchase is personal

2. No project is too small
3. A room without window treatments is like a beautiful dress without accessories


Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you began your business.


After many years of working in the retail home improvement and design business, I discovered that the level of service homeowners required just wasn't being offered. My skills honed from 15 years of successful sales experience translated perfectly to this industry. As with all business- to-consumer relationships, there is a unique level of responsibility because every purchase is personal. Ensuring good communication and a high level of interaction with my clients each step of the way on a project ensures a beautiful result, in more ways than one! A purchase such as window treatments can be daunting for homeowners. Simplifying the process by bringing everything to the home is an advantage my business offers. It makes the whole process a lot more fun.

What is it about the niche of window treatment consultation that intrigued you, rather than just general interior design?


I'm a nut for details! Not only in the products I design for my clients, but also in understanding and listening to what they want, and counseling them accordingly. Window treatments are an integral part of the design or decoration of a room and sometimes, the most overlooked. I go over everything down the smallest detail to ensure there are absolutely no surprises the day of the installation! The outcome is usually a hug from the homeowner. It's all about the details.


What are some simple questions people should ask themselves when considering window treatments for their home?


One of the most important questions is how long do they plan on living in the home? Window treatments add both aesthetic and financial value, so they can ultimately help increase the overall valuation to their home. They also should be there long enough to really enjoy them. I've worked with many clients that know, however, they won't be in their home forever. There are many solutions I can provide and I'm happy to consult with them.


Chicken or the egg question: Which comes first? The paint selection or the window treatments?


That's a great question. Many of my window treatment clients initially hired me to help in the selection of their color schemes which, subsequently drives the choices for the treatments. Often we discuss both issues at the same time.


People often equate window treatments with high cost. Are there a range of projects and price points you will handle?


Having years of experience in the industry and great relationships with different vendors allows me to offer a variety of options at all price points. Some clients have strict budgets because they have a lot to do in their home, others have more flexibility. No project is too small though. Sometimes, starting with just a couple of windows is ideal because when a homeowners first moves in, they have a lot going on. Privacy may be their priority and there are many different approaches. My goal is to provide the best products based on those needs and understanding the idiosyncrasies of each one helps me determine the best solution for my clients.


Can you explain the importance of window treatments when it comes to the resale value of a home?


Invaluable! A room without window treatments is just not finished. It's like putting on a gorgeous new dress and forgetting to accessorize - it looks good, but why not look great?! You don't have to go overboard - sometimes less is more, but often you need the finishing touch. A room doesn't exude that warm and inviting feeling without them. You can remove all the furniture in a room and leave the window treatments and the room will still have a welcoming feel.


What is the quirkiest window you've had to deal with?


An old home and exposed pipes. You can't move the pipes and working around them was challenging. But, that's one of the benefits of custom treatments. We could create the proper depth we needed to ensure everything fit perfectly, and the look wasn't compromised.


Any hot fall trends we should know about?


Color! I think when there is a lot of uncertainty out there, as there is right now - the economy, the next election, etc., people want to surround themselves with things that feel good and make them comfortable. For the fall and winter, warm colors are especially popular. But, warm doesn't have to mean earth tones! Done well, the perfect colors will work for a long time and will remain fresh as trends change!


What's the best part about your job?


Without a doubt, my clients. Often, I'm called on when a homeowner wants or needs help improving their living space. It's very satisfying when they are so thrilled with the results that they refer me to a friend or family member.


What is the most challenging?


Construction! Sometimes windows are not symmetrical in a room, a vent is in a tough spot, or the window has very little depth to work with. These are all challenges I've worked with and overcome. Sometimes it takes more creativity than others, but it's always fun and rewarding.

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