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Is the Market Hot or Cold? It's all Relative

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You know when the first fall chill hits and you break out the hat, scarf and maybe a pumpkin spice latte? It’s when we call 55 degrees ‘brisk.’
That same temperature in early April can cause us to trade in the jackets and boots for flip flops and an iced regular. It’s when 55 degrees feels ‘balmy.’ It’s all relative.


It's Not the Plane. It's the Pilot.

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There is a recurring theme in the movie Top Gun Maverick that highlights, when stakes are high it’s the human element that is the game changer. ‘It’s not the plane. It’s the pilot.’ The same is true in real estate. 

School Milestones Also a Time for Real Estate Reevaluation

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School is almost out and that can mean a few things for home sellers. Maybe the kids are moving up from pre-school or Kindergarten and as they grow it feels like your space is shrinking. Or, maybe you just had a high school or college graduation and as they leave home your space feels like more than you [...]

Medford's Million Dollar Homes!

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With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Medford is one of the most sought-after towns in Greater Boston with homes selling for over $1 million dollars!

Buyer demand has caused home values to increase significantly in the past few years, including yours. Curious to know if your home might be worth more than a million? You might be surprised by [...]

The Home Advantage Team Webinar Words of Wisdom

Your Home For Sale

Like your favorite holiday cookie that is chock full morsels, The Home Advantage Team Webinar has so many real estate tidbits and buyer & seller insights sprinkled throughout that you’ll just have to cozy up and have a [...]

Fall Real Estate Is as Fall Real Estate Does

Arlington Market Update | October 2021

The fall market is behaving as the fall market does – it’s quick, a little temperamental, and over before you know it. Unlike the ‘Spring’ market which really begins at the end of January and methodically ramps up until it peaks in early June, the fall market is a flash in the pan with things heating up after Labor Day and cooling off in [...]

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