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The Home Advantage Team Webinar Words of Wisdom

Your Home For Sale

Like your favorite holiday cookie that is chock full morsels, The Home Advantage Team Webinar has so many real estate tidbits and buyer & seller insights sprinkled throughout that you’ll just have to cozy up and have a [...]

Fall Real Estate Is as Fall Real Estate Does

Arlington Market Update | October 2021

The fall market is behaving as the fall market does – it’s quick, a little temperamental, and over before you know it. Unlike the ‘Spring’ market which really begins at the end of January and methodically ramps up until it peaks in early June, the fall market is a flash in the pan with things heating up after Labor Day and cooling off in [...]

From Spooked to SOLD!

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Real estate is not as scary as it might seem. Entering the real estate market the past year or so has been a little bit like entering into a haunted house – you’re not really sure what to expect, there are lots of surprises around every turn, and when your offer is outbid by 15 other cash buyers it makes you want to let out a blood curdling [...]

Things are Looking Up

Arlington MA Real Estate

Arlington and Medford real estate are trending in positive directions:

Inventory is UP, and prices are UP.

For several years now, the talk of the town(s) has been low inventory and the lack of available homes for sale. But in reality, 2021 has proven different.

There have been MORE homes for sale in 2021 than in 2020, and the average sale price has gone UP across the board for both Arlington and [...]

Arlington's Top 10 Real Estate Facts, August 2020

Arlington's Top 10 Real Estate Facts

There is just so much happening with Arlington real estate (and beyond) these days it can be hard to boil it down into what's most important, right now. 

The Arlington real estate market is different from the national market, it is different from the Massachusetts market, and it’s even different from neighboring Cambridge [...]


Arlington MA Spring Real Estate

It’s amazing what a little sunshine and some flowers can do. It’s the first day of Spring and we are enjoying the effects of more daylight and more listings coming on the market!

A slight uptick in inventory also comes with an uptick in competition, so you want to be sure you have a seasoned team of professionals to help you navigate through the spring market.

In the meantime, here are [...]

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