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Rightsizing, Should You Stay or Should You Go?

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"Rightsizing" simply means relocating from one home to another. This move embodies a significant life transition, especially for an increasing number of Baby Boomers and their families who are recognizing the complexities of navigating a competitive real estate market. Amidst this intricate process, Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team stands as a reliable partner, committed to guiding you through every facet of this transformative journey.

Prep Talk

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Preparing to Downsize Your Home

Chances are the thought downsizing (or helping a loved one downsize) is something on the horizon that gets pushed aside for another day.

But today, home values are high, interest rates are low, homes in Arlington and surrounding areas are selling fast, and from a market standpoint, it’s an ideal time to sell.

Of course, it may feel differently from your standpoint. Prepping to downsize [...]

Sellers Workshop for Arlington Residents

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Attention Arlington Residents

The law office of Timothy J. Van Der Veen, Esq. will conduct a workshop for Arlington residents who are considering the transfer or sale of their property in the next 12 months. The workshop will be held at the Robbins Library and is geared towards owners who [...]

When is the right time to sell your home?

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When is the right time to sell your home?

Have you been thinking…

  • My property taxes are too high and are going up
  • My home is too big for me
  • I need to know the value of my home

Selling your home is personal.

My team and I can explain the current real estate market, help you understand the value of your home, and guide you through the home selling process. 

Contact us when it’s right for [...]

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