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Quality Service and Real Estate Success Go Hand-in-Hand

We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re just not getting the response you’re hoping for. Unreturned phone calls, ignored emails, dropped balls, misinformation – it’s enough to make you want to cry sometimes.

This is also true in real estate, a service industry where the barrier to entry is quite low and turnover is particularly high. Pass an exam and (poof!) you are a real estate agent. But becoming a true real estate professional takes time, experience and a lot of hard work. And as anyone in the business knows, you will learn so much more on the job than you ever will on the test.  

So it’s no surprise that poor service is a by-product of so many unskilled, part-time, not-in-it-for-the-long-haul, not-from-around-here, agents.

This is why Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team pride themselves on high-quality service. We have a team of dedicated professionals to ensure that your calls are answered, emails are returned, questions are addressed, and that you receive the time and attention you deserve whether buying or selling a home.

Recently, Steve, Erika & The Home Advantage Team received Quality Service Certification’s Platinum status. Based on survey results compiled and validated by Leading Research Corporation for the year 2018, their scores reflect 100% client satisfaction with the overall service provided.

Steve McKenna, Top Rated Agent

Erika Pereira, Top Rated Agent

Awards are great, but the true testament to our service comes in the form of our client testimonials, customer referrals and the fact that we have been the #1 team in Arlington for 30 years.

There are plenty of agents desperate for deals that are willing to offer discounted fees for their services. But as the tried-and-true saying goes, you get what you pay for. When you’re about to navigate the complex and multi-phased process of buying or selling a home, why wouldn’t you opt for experience, know-how, local expertise and superior service?

Go with anything less and you’re going to need that box of tissues to wipe away the tears. Quality service and real estate success go hand-in-hand – put your home in our hands and see how we can serve you. 


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    The Home Advantage Team Recognized by Boston Magazine

    Boston Magazine recently released their annual look at the area's best-performing real estate agents and teams. Teams who met the criteria of producing $30 million or more for the year ending Dec. 31, 2018, made the list. 

    We are proud and honored to be Arlington's #1 real estate team for more than 30 years, and recognized by Boston Magazine as one of Greater Boston's top producing teams!

    Whether you are buying, selling or just looking for some sound advice in a competitive real estate market, contact us today and see what we can do for YOU!, 781-645-0505, 



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      Arlington's #1 Real Estate Team for 30+ Years Is No Coincidence

      Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team have been Arlington’s #1 agent and real estate team for more than 30 years – and the reign continues.

      Through booms and busts, bidding wars, low inventory and saturated markets, The Home Advantage Team has seen it all. Kind of like that Farmer’s Insurance commercial (We Know a Thing or Two, Because We’ve Seen a Thing or Two). We’ve been there, sold that. There is rarely a home buying or selling situation that we haven’t experienced many times.

      With experience comes a deep understanding of the market and a trust that has been built and solidified with clients over time.

      And the numbers prove it.

      According to MLS data for Arlington, Jan. 1 – May 31, 2019, The Home Advantage Team closed 27 sales, the highest volume in Arlington and more than the next four agents/teams COMBINED.  

      It is not luck nor is it coincidence that Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team continue to provide solid results and consistent service at the highest level.

      Thinking of buying or selling? Put Your Home In Our Hands and see what we can do for you.


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