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Quality Service and Real Estate Success Go Hand-in-Hand

We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re just not getting the response you’re hoping for. Unreturned phone calls, ignored emails, dropped balls, misinformation – it’s enough to make you want to cry sometimes.

This is also true in real estate, a service industry where the barrier to entry is quite low and turnover is particularly high. Pass an exam and (poof!) you are a real estate agent. But becoming a true real estate professional takes time, experience and a lot of hard work. And as anyone in the business knows, you will learn so much more on the job than you ever will on the test.  

So it’s no surprise that poor service is a by-product of so many unskilled, part-time, not-in-it-for-the-long-haul, not-from-around-here, agents.

This is why Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team pride themselves on high-quality service. We have a team of dedicated professionals to ensure that your calls are answered, emails are returned, questions are addressed, and that you receive the time and attention you deserve whether buying or selling a home.

Recently, Steve, Erika & The Home Advantage Team received Quality Service Certification’s Platinum status. Based on survey results compiled and validated by Leading Research Corporation for the year 2018, their scores reflect 100% client satisfaction with the overall service provided.

Steve McKenna, Top Rated Agent

Erika Pereira, Top Rated Agent

Awards are great, but the true testament to our service comes in the form of our client testimonials, customer referrals and the fact that we have been the #1 team in Arlington for 30 years.

There are plenty of agents desperate for deals that are willing to offer discounted fees for their services. But as the tried-and-true saying goes, you get what you pay for. When you’re about to navigate the complex and multi-phased process of buying or selling a home, why wouldn’t you opt for experience, know-how, local expertise and superior service?

Go with anything less and you’re going to need that box of tissues to wipe away the tears. Quality service and real estate success go hand-in-hand – put your home in our hands and see how we can serve you. 


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    Relationships for Life

    As the social media manager for The Home Advantage Team, I tend work behind the scenes. But I’ve been hearing some really interesting stories from the Team that I think are worth sharing.

    So, I was in the office the other day to talk about 2020 business goals and strategies, and Steve told me a story about a conversation on the golf course.

    He was playing with a business-savvy guy who has run a few companies and knows a thing or two about successful organizations. He asked Steve to fill him about on his work and the in-progress business plan.  

    Steve gave him an overview of the market, the team and our clients.

    And the businessman said, “Oh, so you’re not in sales and those people are not your clients.”

    (Eyebrow raise – come again?)

    “The people you are working with are going through major life events that happen to be tied to home buying and selling – marriage, divorce, birth of children, death of parents, relocation, change of jobs. When you help people through these types of experiences, you’ve created relationships for life,” he said.

    Relationships for life.

    It couldn’t be a more accurate description of the connection between Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team and the people we serve. We are forever connected to people because of the circumstances that surround the real estate transaction.

    It’s not just about buying or selling of a home, although of course that’s part of it.  It’s the intangibles - how we make people feel during what are stressful and uncertain times that sets us apart. Establishing the price, marketing a property, preparing a home for sale, providing local expertise – those must-do’s are executed with precision by our team of professionals.

    But all the while we ensure that clients are confident, comfortable, and at ease during the entire process which is why people continue to turn to The Home Advantage Team over out of town agents, real estate companies offering discounted commissions, or people who haven’t been in the business long enough to know what they don’t know. Just ask any of our clients.

    When you work with us, you’ll have us by your side for all of your real estate needs - today, tomorrow and in the future.

    Rest easy, and Put Your Home in Our Hands.


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      Frozen II Client Event a Success!

      • Stressing over the holidays? Let it Go!
      • Worried about your Uncle talking politics over pumkin pie? Let it Go!
      • One month from today until Christmas? Let it Go! Actually no, that’s totally stressful.

      Our clients had a chance to kick back, relax, let it go and enjoy the show! We had a great morning on Saturday at a private showing of Frozen II at Assembly Row in Somerville. Our favorite Elsa’s and Anna’s came out to enjoy this special event hosted by Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team. Many thanks to all who came!

      Thinking of buying or selling a home soon? Don’t stress – let it go and put your home in our hands!

      Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team



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        A Happy Client Speaks Volumes

        Sometimes it's best to let others do the talking for you, and that's exactly what we're doing here. A happy client of Tracy Wallace was so pleased with the outcome of their home search and experience in working with Tracy, they had to speak up and say:

        "We worked with Tracy Wallace from March 2019 through August 2019. Tracy provided us the highest quality service throughout our journey in finding a new home. She demonstrated years of experience with both buyers and sellers. There were several examples where her predictions were spot on, for example, with ask vs. offer pricing. She has street smarts, keen intuition, and social graces dealing with all sorts of personalities (simply put, she’s cool). 

        She knows when to engage, when to push, and when to step back and give space. She has a knack for all things home development and has an eagle eye for pointing out areas of possible concern, explaining where/why there could be a need for a fix, update, or potential larger looming issue. We looked in Arlington, Acton, Natick, and Wayland. Tracy did her homework on all of these communities and provided niche neighborhood info.  She really wanted to be sure we had our eyes wide open with any offer we made, balancing all factors, and whether we really loved the house. 

        Tracy helped us see each home from both the seller and buyer perspective. She was proactive in making sure we anticipated what we would or could be up against with our offers, and counter offers (we bought during a sellers’ market with a ton of competition). During the purchase transaction, Tracy was on top of all the details, and helped guide us through the legal/financial process with ease.  She was always 1000% our advocate, with our best interest in mind. We ended up in Arlington Heights, and 4 months later we really do LOVE our home!   

        My lasting impressions of Tracy is that she is a gem, and any buyer or seller is lucky to have her as a partner.  

        - Lori, buyer in Arlington 


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